Drugs of particular significance
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A recent survey found that 24% of 11-15 year-olds had consumed alcohol in the previous week. This ranged from 5% of 11-year olds to 47% of 15 year-olds.


In 2002 10% of 11-15 year-olds in England said that they smoked regularly, though prevalence is strongly related to age. Only 1% of 11 year-olds were regular smokers (i.e. smoking at least one cigarette a week) compared with 23% of 15 year-olds.


Research shows that 31% of 15 year-olds reported using cannabis in 2002.

Volatile substances:

Responsible for more deaths in young people aged 10-16 in England and Wales than illegal drugs …, much of it is hidden, although 6% of pupils aged 11-15 reported sniffing a volatile substance in 2002.

Class A:

The use of Class A drugs in young people aged 11-15 years-old is low, with 4% reporting having used a class A drug in 2002. However, only 1% of 11year-olds report taking a class A drug in the last year compared with 8% of 15 year-olds.